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Oysters of the ANCELIN House Producer of Specials since 5 generations

Two terroirs
an exceptional product
Marennes-Oléron & Normandy

Our know-how & the sea Exceptional Chair & Flavors

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Ancelin Special Oyster Firm & crunchy, with a mild flavor

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Alexandre Watches over the evolution of our oysters

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Marriage between Sea & Ocean Iodized nature & Freshness of sea spray

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Culture in Normandy Top of the range oysters

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Special Oysters Culture
Two sites for an exceptionnal product

This culture requires multiple manipulations.

Tout commence par la culture des naissains.
It all starts with the spat culture. The young oyster larvae grow on cultch in the sea. Nine months later, the spat are detached from the cultch.

The young oysters are put in bags and carried on oyster beds. Through the flow, plankton allows oysters to grow and get fat. This crucial stage lasts for about one year . Finally, oysters are sent to our oyster beds of Utah Beach where, thanks to the current, the plankton allows the oyster to get even more fat and develop into mature.

They are took back to Bourcefranc-le-Chapus where they are put in claires (a pond of shallow brackish water).
Then, they are sorted, graded and commercialized.

This double culture gives to our Special Oysters their exceptionnal flesh and taste.

Our specials

A family story
Since 5 generations

History, Family, women,men and passion brought the ANCELIN Company up to success

Our family history began at the end of XIX century at Bourcefranc-le-Chapus, near Marennes in Charente-Maritime.
Emilienne Nadeau, oyster producer and woman of character married Alexandre Maudet, oyster farmer.
He left her his oyster hut and farm of Bourcefranc-le-Chapus

Emilienne continued the oyster farming with her daughter Adelia. As the years go by, passion remains. You, Adelia’s daughter, joined her mother.
The wedding between You and James ANCELIN, a master cabinetmaker, continues the history and gave rise to ANCELIN Company. The oyster crisis of the 70’s pushed the oyster farmers to develop and comprehend their product differently

The Ancelin Company made this transition with the purchase of oyster-beds in Normandy. That allowed them to produce high quality oyster to refined customers from Paris and provinces, with a new designation : The Huîtres ANCELIN. The son, Philippe ANCELIN and his wife took the company over and developped the commercialisation of Special Oysters in France and abroad.

In the early 2000’s, he is joined by his son Alexandre and his daughter Aurélie and passed down his passion and savoir-faire.
In 2017, Alexandre accompanied by his wife, took over the company and pursues the family adventure
A story that continues to be written…

A family story

A family story | Ancelin Marennes Oléron and Normandy Special Oysters
A family story | Ancelin Marennes Oléron and Normandy Special Oysters
A family story | Ancelin Marennes Oléron and Normandy Special Oysters
A family story | Ancelin Marennes Oléron and Normandy Special Oysters